The Last of Us Part II: Flooded City Rapids; Water and splash FX

I was responsible for bringing the water to polish.

Elaine Kubik worked on setting up the water meshes initially for the area where Ellie drives the boat out of the building and down the rapids. The water mesh in the wides were also temp and created by her. I took the mesh in the background and faked some terraces and brought it to polish. The waterfalls I placed is a particle that was made by Quinn Kazamaki, and I hand placed each waterfall in the background. Then I put those waterfalls in it's own render region to turn them off when the boat is far away, or not in view of the camera.

The rapids were initially made by Elaine Kubik as temp, then Taylor Duval edited the water and added algae, churn and foam. I then took the mesh that was made and brought it to polish; I readjusted the vertexes, repainted the foam and churn maps, and baked the new textures. The waterfall and splashes were made by Quinn Kazamaki, and I hand placed the FX on the rapids. The water falls at the end of the rapids were added by Taylor Duval.

June 29, 2020