MATURE CONTENT: The Last of Us Part II: Kill Dog; Blood, spit and gore FX

A few things I worked on for these shots:
I created and added a dog saliva effect for Alice (dog), and each time she is barking at Ellie's face, saliva spawns from her jaw joint. Then I created and added a saliva drop effect for the camera lens and added on certain keyframes of Ellie's anim.

When Ellie stabs Alice, I added a blood mask and wound mask to Alice when Ellie stabs her twice. Then, on each stab Ellie pulls a blood ribbon which is a particle effect made by Kirsten England. When the squib hits the ground, I added a blood splatter decal that I made from scratch for both the line splatter and spray splatter. When Alice is lying dead, I created a custom blood pool effect that bleeds out slowly from underneath her.

Lastly, I worked on the fail state: I added a blood squib I had made, and blood masks to Ellie's face and neck when Alice bites Ellie's neck.

June 29, 2020