The Last of Us Part II: Sewers; Water and diluted Blood in water FX

I worked on the sewers water FX, and the water was brought to polish by MJ Whiting.

For the IGC sequence, I worked on all the blood FX and placed them for this shot. The blood cloud textures were made by another VFX Artist, and the particles were made by me.

When Ellie falls into the water, I created GPU bubble particles and a GPU churn particle inside the same effect. Then as she emerges and is flailing around, I added water splash FX (water texture was created by Wataru Ikeda), the color was adjusted by MJ Whiting for polish. When Ellie dips into the water inside the tunnel, and when she falls at the end of the tunnel, I used the same material but two different particles to spawn bubbles coming off of her joints.

June 29, 2020