MATURE CONTENT: The Last of Us Part II: Downhill Chase; Blood and gore, sparks, fire and dust FX

I was responsible for the following FX in this section:
Sparks and dust FX from vehicles hitting one another

Fire, smoke, and embers for the humvee flip. Some fire materials and textures were made by me and some were made by other VFX artists that I had used to place for this shot. The particles were hard coded by me specifically for this shot. The embers was a particle made by another VFX artist that I hand placed, and the smoke are particles I made but used pre-existing materials another VFX artist had made.

The smoke coming from the hood of the truck is a collaboration with Daniel Harrison in design, where I made the smoke effect and he scripted the effect on once the pick-up truck hits the telephone pole.

The head shot inside the humvee was done by me. Blood on the windshield of the humvee was a texture I hand painted, and gave to Inkyo Lee in Props.

Blood mask for the clicker headshot, and the blood decals inside the vehicle. The Infected headslice from Jesse's blade.
Systemic blood mask particles for Ellie and buddy npc, programmed by Eli Omernick. Kirsten England also helped create the systemic blood splatter particle effect in which I brought it to polish.

Eben Cook responsible for the glass bullet decals on the windshield.

June 29, 2020