The Last of Us Part II: Abby, Dad, and Zebra Mud decals FX

I was responsible for the parallax mud decals FX in these shots. I created from scratch parallax decals in the mud that Abby falls in, aside from the foot prints.

Miles Maxwell worked on the blood drops from the Zebra, the mud toss at the dad, and the mud splash from Abby when she falls.

Character team is responsible for the blood on the zebra and the mud on the dad.

For the second shot, I created custom parallax mud decals when the Zebra slips and falls, tiny mud splash squibs (the materials were made by another VFX artist), and I made from scratch the zebra hoof prints parallax decals to match background art's zebra prints.

The foot prints were hand placed by me, but made by Quinn Kazamaki.

June 29, 2020