MATURE CONTENT: The Last of Us Part II: Final Fight; Systemic and animated blood FX

Spoiler Warning!

I was responsible for all the blood FX for the entirety of this fight, this is including blood FX for IGCs, Cinematics, and systemic melee FX. I hand painted the blood for Abby's arms, and her left cheek and created a dry and wet versions of her blood masks. The melee combat was systemic, so I made custom blood FX for the fists and switchblade combat. For IGCs and cinematics, the blood squibs, ribbons, and blood masks were hand placed by me.

John Sweeney art directed the blood and sent me alphas as a template to work from. I brought the blood alphas to polish to make them work in the game appropriately and made adjustments where needed based on art direction.

Frank Tzeng and character team responsible for the blood on Ellie's face (aside from the systemic blood fx) and Abby's face (aside from Abby's arms, and the first slice on her cheek).

Christian Wohlwend responsible for the melee system script for this fight.

The water FX was worked on by several, mainly Quinn Kazamaki, and for the IGCs it was Wataru Ikeda, and MJ Whiting for water droplets.

June 29, 2020