MATURE CONTENT: The Last of Us Part II: Gore and Blood for Systemic FX, Finishers and Player Deaths


I was responsible for the systemic melee FX and melee finishers done throughout the game. I worked on all the blood masks for the finishers for both player and npcs. I created melee particle squibs in which the materials were created by Kirsten England. I also created smeared blood decals, switchblade decals for walls and ground, and hand smear decals from scratch. There's probably more fx I forgot I had made, but it's a huge system.

Alongside Christian Wohlwend, I scripted melee fx for systemic melee. He set up the initial scripts for me to use, and I created new defines where necessary, and overrode particles on specific set of moves. This was done not only throughout gameplay itself, but bespoke fights such as Find Backpack, Brute Boss in Abby Fights Militia, and the Final Fight.

Kirsten England provided me blood ribbon fx and blood drops fx, and I tweaked and hand placed the ribbons and blood drops for each finisher.

Eben Cook worked on the blood pool shader, Kirsten England set the blood pool particle up, and I hand painted the blood pool height maps.

Animations go to melee animation team responsible.

Christian Wohlwend worked on the finishers and systemic melee scripts. Asher Einhorn worked on some of the buddy finishers.

June 29, 2020