The Last of Us Part II: Flashback Aquarium

When abby jumps into the water I created a GPU particle that spawns bubbles that follows Abbys joints. I added a CPU particle to the same effect that spawns a churn texture and material to make it more cloudy. Miles Maxwell also added bubbles when she dives into the water, a separate effect.

I placed caustics under the deck, particle made by Eben Cook.

I created the ocean mesh and applied ocean parameters for the ocean. The discard alpha map was at first created by me, but polished by Taylor Duval. The gfx culling was added by Artem Kovalovs, and I applied a region where the tank is around the stadium to hide any overlapping ocean edges of the discard alpha map. Inside the tunnel abby swims through, I added a water mesh plane, separate from the ocean mesh. So when the player swims through, the ocean unloads, and the mesh water loads in. When Abby and Owen are in the stadium, the mesh water unloads and the ocean water loads back in. Miles Maxwell polished the ocean water shader.

June 29, 2020